Dream Big - after school music program

Music Program

Dream Big after-school music program is aimed towards helping children who need extra instruction due to a learning disability as well as low-income families that are unable to meet the high expense of private lessons and costly musical instruments.

We have found that low-income students and students with learning disabilities are at risk for bullying and exclusion When children feel excluded by their peers they are at risk for anti-social behaviors such as drug abuse. Our goal is to provide a safe place of encouragement and positive peer interaction through music.

Children that are involved in the project have the opportunity to fall in love with the arts. They also learn valuable life lessons such as the reward for hard work, perseverance, patience, and the importance of a good attitude.

Students gain leadership skills by being empowered to choose ensemble music and performance venues. Dream Big plans to use its ensemble as an outreach by performing for area assisted living facilities, children's hospitals, and area parades.

This program operates year round and meets three days a week from 4-8pm offering music education for children ages 6-18 in individual and group settings. Children learn to play band instruments, voice, or piano. Dream Big is unique because it is offered at no cost and there is no assessment test. The only requirement is a desire to learn.

This expands the arts in all the communities served because the public schools do not offer this type of instruction until the 5th grade and private instruction is often not available to students that struggle to keep up in the group curriculum.